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Defined as peaceful ruler a King. Considered to be a positive (extrovert) strong minded, athletic and creative person. Ambitious entrepreneur obsessed with what he puts his mind into a real perfectionist. Stands out in a crowd attractive with a great sense of humor and personality. Regarded as Loyal to family, friends, companions and associates. Romantically passionate and is an exceptional lover.
Frederick just what you needed.

Federico when only the best will do.
by anonymous ID February 05, 2010
A salty man. He gets mad at the smallest of things. Not a guy you want to play video games with.
Dude 1: I don't like playing with him
Dude 2: I know he's such a Frederick
by Yhahsudb August 24, 2016
1. The second largest growing city in Maryland

2. Redneckville
Can also be used as an verb:
To shit all over something
Sorry I Fredericked in your jeep.
by Citydweller2345 February 26, 2011
verb. To unload a firearm by working the action to eject the cartridge loaded in the chamber and then catching the ejected cartridge in the air.
Hey, watch how I Frederick this gun.
by tfred47 March 31, 2011
a special visitor that visits females once a month for roughly a week or so.
Frederick totally barfed all over my undies!

I didn't feed Frederick in time....
by I SEDUCE HOEZZZ February 18, 2011
Frederick Gammage is a boy confused about his sexuality with men. He often covers up his sexuality by deceiving himself and others by trying to talk and Skype extremely attractive and well figured women that live in DC. He is considered weak and scared. He often engages in physical altercations and loses....badly. He dates 13 year old girls to hold onto his childhood, and secretly hides his relationship as he enters college, all while he stares and longs to be with the men on his desirable football team.

His lack of confidence comes from his "small" size and lack of skill. Poor Fred just cannot perform when needed. Some might say his performance cannot exceed two minutes.
Person 1: Have you seen Frederick?

Person 2: No, but he is probably "playing" with his same two friends in his room

Person 1: Typical Fred.
by yourbaby;) November 05, 2012
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