A human being that is capable of producing extraordinary amounts of excrement however is incapable of disposing of it in the usual ways.

banned from most hotels in europe
person 1 "omg the whole team has pooed in our shower!"

Freddie "nah man that was me"
by luigi222 August 07, 2012
Top Definition
such a safe guy, basically, the best person you can ever meet and he's always the best looking guy in the room. such a lad.
'Did you see that bloke give that bum a £10 last night?'
'Yeah he was a true Freddie'
by nforted October 26, 2011
Shot for frederick. A strong name to match the character. A real Charmer and ladies man the women love. Though deep down gentle and kind hearted. Occasionally sentimental. Never faultless and a person that anyone is able to equate to. Once a friend, a friend for a life time.
That Freddie, what a legend of a person.

Sir Fredeirck; just as a top bloke as St. George him self.
by NameWizard April 24, 2009
Slang term for Heroin.
have you seen that little whore betty?
someone said that she stole my freddie.
and if she made off with my last clean rig,
i'm going to kill that fuckin' ditch pig!

-lyrics from "STP" by Sublime
by mixie stylee January 19, 2010
the most beautiful person alive even though you may not think. will be very wealthy, smart and will be amazing at one specific thing that she is passionate for. is warm and loving in a relationship, get to know her as she may seem shy at first.
dude shes hot

of coure she is shes called freddie

wow i want that sexy bitch
by Jonathon Biss @ igs September 24, 2010
Usually a slightly plump, creepy guy with man boobs that concave.

Feared by most men and women, excluding homosexual men.
He has beady eyes and a strange haircut, commonly brunette.
He is exceptionally bright. He often makes dirty remarks to colleagues, then denies that he was referencing to anything sexual at all. He is highly annoying and continues to egg on anyone who tells him to stop being irritating.
Sam: Freddie was ruffling through my hair with his fingers in Art class...Freak!
Logan: He was feeling my leg. I wasn't exactly sure how to react.
by youdtapthat March 23, 2014
A man who doesn't make it easy for a woman to have sex with him after he's been telling her for a long while that he is into her and when she finally agrees he inexplicably gets cold feet; The antithesis of 'a sure thing'; A man who would rather talk, sext, videochat, or exchange naughty photos with a woman instead of having sex with her in the real world.
"So did you ever hook up with that guy who's been wanting you for so long and keeps telling you so?"

"No, it turns out he's a total freddie! He was all talk and no action. Fraud!"
by The Heck?! January 02, 2012
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