a fucking faggot who cannot write lyrics for his life and always tries to " rap " in his shitty ass songs . also see : wigger , idiot , and dip shit .
when i first heard the limp bizkit song " nookie " :

fred durst : i did it all for the nookie! ( what ? ) the nookie ! ( what ) so you can take that cookie , and stick it up your -

me : shut the fuck up already !! * destroys limp bizkit cd *

A talentless, cock-sucking, social cling-on who talks shit, has no balls and can't get laid. Makes himself out to be a tough guy, but I would bet good money that most 150lbs weaklings could dish the hurt on him with little or no effort. If I ever saw him I would beat the shit into his smug face, shit in that stupid cap he wears and set fire to his clothes. For added value, I'd whip out my cock and piss all over him shouting "Hey look! I'm pissing on Fred Durst". Then I'd bet most people would join in
Fred Durst: Back the fuck up!
Weakling: BOO!
Fred Durst: I have to go now, I've just shat my stupid pants
by Dangerous G March 25, 2004
portrayed by the media to be an asshole, Fred Durst is actually a good person. I've met him at a concert in germany once, and he's really nice. got an autograph from him. but anyway, sure, he doesn't write the best lyrics for any of his songs, or be the best singer or rapper or whatever, but he's only human, people come on! give the poor guy a break.
what really pisses me off is that so many people used to love him and Limp Bizkit back in the day, but now since he's not "in" anymore, people have to hate on him just cause it's cool to. give me a fucking break, why can't everybody think for themselves and not what the media or their friends tell them to think?
Fred Durst formed Limp Bizkit in 1994. He was upped into the business by friends KoRn.

Judged by many people and classed as a "prick". Fred's ego may be big, but he is a nice guy.
Guy: Fred Durst is pretty awesome.
by Jonas January 19, 2005
lead "singer" of a shitty band called limp bizkit.
see: wannabe badass faggot loser

he tries to act like a badass, but hes nothing more than a loser.
by Heather June 24, 2005
An adjective pertaining to either a fat, useless wigga git. Or just generally someone who'd sell their own grandmother for £2.50.

Also can be used as a general term for shit. Although it's usage in this context can sound distinctly pikey.
(in reference to pretty much anything cheap, nasty and distasteful)

That is so fuckin' Fred Durst!!

(in a rock club in reference to someone throwing some blazin' squad style faux hip shop arm movements)

Look at fuckin' Fred Durst over there! What a nobhead!!
by Ollie March 10, 2004
Fake, faggot ass douche bag. It's no wonder he's looked down upon by every decent person in the world.
fred durst, you named your band after limp biscuit you fuckin faggot. as if we don't know what that is. So just keep 'rollin, rollin, rollin' on that e and get that morning after pill when ur done because ur a fuckin girl
by jauntz January 31, 2009
A untalented, hated, and crying singer/rapper from Florida.

Fred Durst sounds like a kid about to go through puberty when he starts his whining voice and then tries to "scream" which is just pure crap compared to M Shadows, Johnathan Davis, or Howard Jones.

Then he tries to make things better with his rip-off rhymes while he disgraces all rappers by saying 2 nouns followed by the 'f word' then one verb followed with another 'f-word'.

Fred Durst has also made more enemies than Axl Rose could ever get.

His current enemies include:

Scott Stapp of Creed-Talked about Stapp behind his back. Stapp offered to box with Durst, Durst backed down.

All of Slipknot-Durst called Slipknot fans "fat kids" and they don't like their fans insulted.

Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society (and many acts with GNR and Black Sabbath)

Britney Spears-Durst said they had a sexual relationship.




Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden

Trent Reznor only guy in NIN

99.999% of the world

As a disgrace to music, pop culture, and just being a prick, Fred Durst (in the words of Johnathan Davis) can

My name is Fred Durst. I made a band called Limp Bizkit. I charge cheap shows so I can see old saggy boobs from girls.

Please kill me.
by a7x fan June 14, 2008

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