Fred - married to Wilma off the Flinstones, Not anything to do with females
Hey Fred go get me a beer, NOW.
by Welovewhenflowsintown July 03, 2007
Free Stuff, Free Merchandise, Free Products
When I went to the convention, the exhibitors gave out lots of "fred"!

"Hey, where did you get that? It was fred man!!"
by Nips May 11, 2005
a Fred is most of the time from NewYork and sits around and does nothing all week including sundays.A Fred also has been to jail at least once and is very fat.
by izzyipod March 08, 2009
the male genitals.
Wow, Paul's fred is huge!
by sally4732141431 July 24, 2008
FRED is an acronym for " 'effing' ridiculous electronic device ".
" I can't figure out that fred" (referring to a laptop/computer/confusing electronic device)
by Vunmph January 08, 2008
characterized by a love for bluegrass, a talent in all instruments, a passion for Middle Eastern languages, and an addiction to pie that cannot be cured by the Atkin's Diet. Overall a very smart and funny person usually from Oklahoma.
"That guitar player is such a Fred!"
by sarah_was_here March 21, 2007
stands for "Fucking Red"

aka a girls period
Damn it, fred from virginias here again
by rockin2daend May 29, 2008

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