An obese male who is obsessed with girls that are 15 and younger. He sits around and jacks it to Halo and child pornography. Also known as a Fredophile
Fred: "Hey baby how old are you?"
Jess: "I'm 18"
Fred: "Damn, Got any little sisters?"
by Fredophilia July 04, 2009
A ridiculously lazy and eccentric dog. They are uninterested in treats, bones or toys. They only enjoy resting and napping. Large spaces and freedom cause great anxiety to a Fred. They prefer to be under the bed, behind the toilet or under the kitchen sink.
That Fred hasn't moved in 3 days.
by kimosterberg February 05, 2009
Fred Not complaining about injuries...
by jtc245 November 26, 2008
1. a name given to a male, sometimes short for Fredrick.

2. Fred Flintstone

3. Fred Astaire

4. Fred Mertz from I Love Lucy

5. Fred: A popular character on Youtube. He's played by a fourteen-year-old who pretends to be a six-year-old and talks in a sped-up voice to make his voice sound younger, faster, and higher. He has an alcoholic mother that we don't see, only hear and who is obviously voiced by another teenage boy. He loves a girl named Judy, but Judy hates him. He loves a boy named Kevin.

1. Hello my name is Fred.

2. Fred Flintstone: Yabba Dabba Doo

3. Fred Astaire was a very talented man

4. Fred was such a tightwad

5. Fred's videos are sooooooooo funny! He's crazy!
by matthew winchell August 02, 2008
Fred - married to Wilma off the Flinstones, Not anything to do with females
Hey Fred go get me a beer, NOW.
by Welovewhenflowsintown July 03, 2007
a Fred is most of the time from NewYork and sits around and does nothing all week including sundays.A Fred also has been to jail at least once and is very fat.
by izzyipod March 08, 2009
Free Stuff, Free Merchandise, Free Products
When I went to the convention, the exhibitors gave out lots of "fred"!

"Hey, where did you get that? It was fred man!!"
by Nips May 11, 2005

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