A person of Gaelic descent. Unlike rednecks or their business-like opposites, "the whitenecks", frecklenecks span all social classes. In America, New Zealand, and Australia, they are classified as such by their intense fondness of their ancient Celtic heritage.

Frecklenecks are commonly found in pubs, bars, and taverns. They are fans of sports, travel, and wagers. The men are comfortable in woolen skirts and the women are comfortable in or on a boat (no matter the size.) They love fiddles, pipes, and bodhran. The key characteristic of a freckleneck is its ability to trace lineage to some town called ballyhoodefuxheardomey, or a bog in Wales with more consonants than people, or an highland that's south of the lowland.

Frecklenecks' professions are normally in the "between:' firefighters are a close second to fishermen, then law enforcement, barmen, book-makers, bar owners, and the off musician.
Mark: You goin' to the parade tomorrow?
DeShawn: Nah. Too many Frecklenecks.

Sean: Liam Maccarthy was never in London! It's the GAA!
Brian: And you call yourself a freckleneck.
by carpetstain January 16, 2013
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when you're down on a girl and she sharts
when you're down on a girl and she sharts. You get a Freckle Neck
by igorthemule February 26, 2009

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