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really totally awesome
That was a very fream movie.
by bob November 28, 2003
Someone who doesn't fit in, an outcast or outsider. 1950's slang.
Bobby was such a fream in highschool.
by OneBadAsp October 23, 2006
Acronym for Food Rules Everything Around Me; having an obsession with food to the extent that one simply cannot control the urge to eat something tasty
1. Chris: Dude, are you seriously about to eat a full calzone after that whole sandwich?
Matt: Yeah dude, F.R.E.A.M.

2. Food Rules Everything Around Me, F.R.E.A.M. yeah I'm hungry, dolla' dolla' menu!
by inthezone22 August 01, 2008
An odd, yet excting, mixture of a fantasy and a dream.
For example, "i just had a fream with my psychology and english teacher"
by Kyersten November 30, 2006
When you freak out and scream. it is freak and scream combined, hence the word fream
Ex.1 I freamed when I heard you liked chocolate milk.
Ex.2 Jason always freams when his girlfriend wants to have intercourse
by Rachel Starr September 30, 2009
To describe a moment of complete and utter panic. Stands for 'freak out, and scream!!'
(usually called by irritating 13 year olds, and followed by giggling)
-'He totally looked at me!'
-'Oh my god!! Fream!!'
by Kirsty Leigh November 20, 2006
Essentially the same thing as a dream, but slightly less literate. Often confusing.
Q: What does this confusing fream meen?
A: Ask Dr. Freud
by Tycho Brah March 11, 2007
A hot and sexy dream.
I woke up hot and sweaty after my fream.
by LynseyAllan April 19, 2003