To bore someone with conversation that they have absolutely no interest in.
1. Jesus, I got frazzled by Barry a minute ago. He wouldn't stop going on about the Grand National.

2. Sorry, am I frazzling you?
by Cunny May 02, 2005
Top Definition
The hair that sticks out of a females bikni bottom after a botched shaving or waxing.
Dude that girl is hot from the back but she turned around and I couldn't stop looking at her frazzle.
by kaleidoclops May 18, 2010
Bacon flavoured crisps popular in the UK. Formerly owned by Smiths, now by Walkers. They have a distinctive brown/pink packet with yellow writing on it. The crisps are also distinctive, looking like rashers of bacon. A rather budget packet of crisps, back in the day they only cost 10p.
Chav - "Oi! Want some Frazzles?"
by Nimbuspony March 31, 2008
to stress and distract; usually used in passive voice: to be frazzled = to be distracted and stressed; usually to the point of annoyance, anger, depression; opposite of focused, serene, and productive.

The shortened form, fraz, is a silicon age shortening meaning bombarded with email, instant messages, cell phone calls, etc. to the point of distration.

Thought to be an amalgam of frustrated, fried, and hassled.
The reception was frazzled as part of her daily routine of answering phone calls and directing visitors to the correct offices.

The cell phone and blackberry frazzed poor Matt 24/7.
by Slick Willy January 28, 2006
One of the products of the comedic genius of Andy Sanberg, Akiva, and Jorma, of Saturday Night Life. These are the power trio responsible for Lazy Sunday, also known as the Chronic-what-cles of Narnia. Frazzles is old-school animation from the days before they were discovered.
"Hey ya'll, Frazzles here. Tonight's episode of the 'Bu will not be seen. Please accept this apology video in its place. See ya'll after the show....HOOOOOOBASTANK!"
by Brizzles April 21, 2006
to tickle in a gleeful manner. It is a delicate art that can only be mastered by those who have patience and discipline and are majestic humans.
I frazzled Rooney so majestically that he urinated in his pants.
by Master Frazzler January 28, 2009
Often used in reference to Ultimate Frisbee, a Frazzle is an intercepted pass. Expert frazzlers will often intercept with aggression.
"Did you see the Wizard's frazzle?"

"Best Frazzle I've ever seen!"
by jefe2541 December 20, 2013
When you try to get your friend more stoned than they imagined, so that they can't function with what they were supposed to be doing, usually by suprise
I'm here to get you frazzled! Spark this!
by far reach July 09, 2010
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