Frazy - (1) The act or condition of being both drunk and high at the same time. (2) Fucking crazy. (3) Anything that is overwhelmingly cool.
Niko: Yo Anna, I've got a fat sack of 'dro and a Colt 45 up in my room.
Anna: Yiiiii boiiiiiii (Flava Flav-style) - we gettin frazy tonight!

Bob: Ah shit, son. I just got a sweet butt cut.
Sarah: That is the complete opposite of frazy.

Kathryn: GET FRAZY!
Lakon: Rock the fuck on!
by Nikkar November 22, 2005
Top Definition
Frazy means fuckin´ crazy.
Frazy gets popular cause of the funny weird song Frazy of artist Synapsenkitzler. People freaked out on different festivals started 2010 in germany like the Fusion festival.
I would like to tickle your synapse. Thats frazy!
by Jaques Couleur August 04, 2010
combines two words:

fucking + crazy = FRAZY

used when something excites you.
2. Dayum, that party last night was frazy.
by jaybeezie July 10, 2009
an emphasized version of crazy. (friggin + crazy = frazy) an abbreviation of fucking crazy/friggin crazy. used for any situation
oh my fucking gosh, that dance move is SO FRAZY!
by bori May 24, 2004
Fucking crazy. It can be used to show anger, style, or w/e the hell u want it to describe.
WTF!?!?! Why in the hell is Coach wearing a pink shirt. Thats Frazy!

That outfit is soo FRAZY!!!
by tearsheal08 March 11, 2005
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