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Ancient King (Shah) of Iran (Persia). Saviour of Iran from Zahak (The evil ruler). Also spelled Freedon, Fraydon, Freedoun….
Shah Fraydon with the help of Ahangar raised the flag of freedom (i.e. Drafash-e-Kavaini). Prominent Iranians also have this for their first name e.g. Freedoun Jam (General), Fraydon Aryan (Historian), Freydon Farougzad (Singer), Feraydoun Moshiri (Poet), Fraydon Foroghi (Muscian) etc.
by Jamsheed Irani April 08, 2003
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Greatest ancient King of the Aryans (Iranians)
Shah Fraydon
by Iraj Jamshedy May 10, 2003
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The Web Designer
and many more......
by James D July 11, 2003
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