One who rapes face.
The man who was sent to prison was sent there for being a frapist.
by Haharyne March 08, 2010
Top Definition
Facebook Rapist. A person who "frapes" another by modifying or posting on their Facebook account.
He updated my status when I wasn't looking. He's such a frapist!
by Valiante October 13, 2010
A frapist is someone who gains access to someone Else's Facebook account and posts something out of character while disguised as that person without there consent.
A frapist may also do other things while logged on such as poking everyone on there friends list or changing their sexuality status
( Examples of such behavior is known as frape )
the term frape is called so because it rhymes with rape and frape is essentially the raping of someones Facebook profile and the f is added at the front because this takes place on Facebook
David might find Stacy's laptop was left logged on so he changed her status to something outrageous like '' twilight is not the worst thing that happened to the 1st world since world war 2 '' this is also known as frape in this case David would be seen as a frapist
by The Joe (epic) May 22, 2012
Friend that creepily tries to get you to have sex with them via facebook communication.
That Simon is such a frapist, he's always sending me creepy messages about sleeping with him on facebook.
by barbiequeue December 24, 2010
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