short for facebook rape. this is where someone changes someone elses status without them knowing.
example status "i passed so much shit through my system today my toliet died and my ass is filled with blood".

example comment "christ really"
example response "no i was fraped never leave your facebook logged in"
by funnyhippo April 13, 2010
The art of facebook rape
John: Hey Chris left his facebook open
Dan: Let's Frape him.

Dude he totally got fraped.
by spongekiller 2 July 24, 2010
Feminine rape. The act of a female having sex with a male without his consent.
Dude, I got roofied last night and that scary chick fraped me!
by AKanaan March 11, 2011
Frape is 'finger' rape, usually via the anus.

Fraped obviously being the past tense of this. A full cavity search would technically be classed as frape.
'I was fraped in a drug search' or 'Lets stand in a circle and frape each other' or 'Frape me good and propper old boy'.
by frapemegoodandpropper June 07, 2010
Short for food-rape. When someone insists that you eat their food, they will basically force you to eat it. If you don't then they will make you feel bad about it.
You go over to a friend's house. Their parents are making their special spinach lasagna. It is fresh out of the oven and you happen to be there to witness its unveiling. Their parents then cut a big old slice and plop it on a plate and place it directly in front of you without your consent. They tell you that it is the best lasagna in the world and they say "just try it" at least 5 or 10 times in different ways. You eat the smallest acceptable bite, and feel like shit afterwords because you knew all along that you didn't want that spinach lasagna. After this experience, you realize that you have been fraped (food-raped).
by Hbrunsk June 15, 2010
A combination of "face" and "rape". the act of placing ones hand over the face of a freind, family member, neighbour, policeman, checkout lady or random stranger if you feel the convosation is getting boring and needs to come to a logical conclusion.
(Said to self in head)
"Damn this person is boring me"
"How do i end this convo quickly?"
"Ahhh of course..."
by Ultra Violet Dragon September 15, 2010
A combination of the words "finger" and "rape". The act of raping someone's finger. Frape occurs when a person wraps their hand around another, unconsenting person's finger; preferably the index finger. The frapist then proceeds to move their hand up and down in a masturbation-esque manner until the frapegasm is reached, in which the victim of said frape, who has no clue what the fuck is going on, quickly pulls their finger out of the fist of the frapist. Frape is often followed by an uncomfortable exchange of words in which the frape victim attempts to figure out what the fuck just happened. The frapist is then usually shunned for the following 3-6 hours.
Elliot: Michael, what the fuck was that?

Michael: C'mon bitch, when you licked that barbeque sauce off your fingers, you were just begging to be fraped.
by I AM PENOR July 13, 2010
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