To fart and crap simultaneously.
Stop frapping in the hallway..
by NotARapist April 24, 2005
Frap - Fucking crap :D
"omg that was so frap!"
by xx.:~*Chazza*~:.xx May 31, 2005
condensed version of 'fucking crap'
I was playing scrabble and my letters were frap.
by jands September 06, 2010
for women to masturbate
yeah i had a right frap over that gay porn...........starring Peter Oller
by el titface July 11, 2003
The act of taking your half erect penis and whiping it across the face of another person (male or female.) May be done for kinky or insulting purposes or high school wrestling team initiations.
Origination: Pottstown, Pa catholic high school
That faggot frapped my ass when I joined the team.
by Yuengling September 26, 2003
howd you get that answer wrong!? you frap!
by CeeAyyVee November 18, 2009
Frap is to masturbate. It is the word Americans should be using after they stopped using jerking off so much and started using the quite erroneous fap. They are unlikely to do this however as they seem to have a lot of trouble spelling many English words.
Frapping was originally the way in which a rope is tied to some logs or oil drums, for example, to make a raft in watermanship.
Frapping was first used to mean masturbation on a British army assault pioneer course circa 1991. I know I was there.
"Stop frapping your privates private and get frapping that rope to that oil drum"

"Stop saying 'fap' you American idiots what you really mean is frap"
by Airtrooper November 02, 2009
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