verb: the act of running around really excitedly, commonly seen with kids who are on a sugar-high or with dogs when they first wake up in the morning
When I got out of bed this morning, my dog was totally frapping; she was running around the room in the little circles.
by filthy ≠ automatically correct December 17, 2010
buggered it up; broke it
Jay!; jeez, now you've frapped it, you beanhole
by donthebeagle January 11, 2010
A load cracking fart from a dirty ass. crackler
I let out a loud frap and shat myself.
by Vox Nerduli July 18, 2006
in relation to the word brap except used in the manner of rachie and sammie only. usually said when iced coffee, "HI LOVE", and smarterchild are in the conversation.
sammie; so how was the barmitzvah?
rachie; it was fine except for the horny cousins!
sammie; frap !
by sammie June 19, 2006
Short version of fucking crap
Frap, I forget to define that proceedure correctly
by Orion Darkwood May 17, 2005
To slap someone with your penis
I frapped your mamma and your dog last night.
by Jesse Denning October 24, 2003
i was watchin private bendyminge and decided to have a damn good frap
by mln June 25, 2003

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