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A female that has had alot of male partners and frequently engages in sexual activity. Another name for a hoe or slut.
Some frap lives down the street, she will let all of us fuck.
by Georgia Clay June 07, 2007
To fart in the bathtub while bathing.
In the movie Trading Places with Eddie Murphy, he mentioned that the only time he was ever in a Jacuzzi was while he farted in the tub. Little did he realized he was experiencing a frap.
by Mo Jasper November 02, 2003
The act of shooting your load onto a chicks browneye, then taking your member and slapping it really hard in between her buttcheeks.
See also frapped
Tim: "ooohhh yeah, you want me to frap you, I'm nearly there"

Bolivia: "Yeahhhh, frap me good baby"

Tim: "ooooohhhhhh bitch!"

by The Cuntsaw October 24, 2003
the force exactly contradicting to Peeg, is used also by the 1337 and is harmful to the weak.
that muthafucka was sweatin me, so i used mah Frap on em' an' he don't sweat me no mo'.
by Hellawk123 October 09, 2003
A loud fart.
Pop went frap, and ruined the spaghetti.
by Chodeser January 23, 2003
To strike the heel of your hand to the forehead of another person.

Secondary Definition: hot pink (color)
John's frap colored short-shorts were so un-gyro that I frapped him.
by mojo August 12, 2002
verb: the act of running around really excitedly, commonly seen with kids who are on a sugar-high or with dogs when they first wake up in the morning
When I got out of bed this morning, my dog was totally frapping; she was running around the room in the little circles.
by filthy ≠ automatically correct December 17, 2010