An extremely high tweeker, hella tweeked, so fucken tweeked, that its blast to everyone, that ur so far gone ur on a permanent one, all the while your so spun you think no one knows you're on the sickest one ever.
Characteristics- running around in circles so fast doing so many things, so. close to nothing, you can hardly tell the difference, feeling like ur getting hella done but actually never finishing anything.

The frap is always late, usually has a face thin as a brick and an ass flat as a runway.

The Frap,Frapper, Frapping
Random nodding; especially while driving.
Random twitching of body, mostly when getting ready to nod. Aka Bugs Bunnying, although sometimes can occur when wide awake, hella deep in some Frap mess or root. MOSTLY OCCURS IN THE MORE SEVERELY TWEEKED ADDICTS OR DOPE FIENDS.
by Missme88 March 07, 2014
when you think you are going to fart, but accidentally crap yourself instead, usually in the form of forced diarrhea that completely obliterates your anus and stains the shit out of your pants, exploding out of your ass and going in all directions inside your pants. usually requires 3 and a half rolls of paper to clean up.
Man- "did you see that guy? he totally frapped himself after that burrito!"

Other man- "no way! he's going to need a pack of toilet paper for that!"
by asswipe chris February 12, 2011
A tiny bowel movement that happens accidentally when you're passing gas. The most common cause of skid marks. Roughly the anal equivalent of "vurp," the tiny vomit that accidentally comes up in the back of your throat when you burp. Word derived from the combination of "fart" and "crap."
You'd better check your shorts 'cause I think that last one was a frap.
by words4money March 13, 2008
the way people dance in the morning of bush stomps/doofs/raves when high on ecstacy

a style sunglasses commonly worn in the mornings that are brightly coloured with a white stripe across the top

"i was frapping so hard last sunday morning out at basscamp"

"check the frappers on that lad"
by sarahfrombello February 07, 2008
when you think its a fart but it seems to have chunks a little too late.
Dood I think I just fraped myself
by poopdaddy February 14, 2005
To unjustly 'flip out' on. Also used with an 'ing' suffix to denote someone in a rancid mood.
"Whoa, man. My mom just totally frapped out on me." or "Dude, he's frapping hardcore."
by Prozium February 20, 2004
A drink from starbucks!! a cold icey drink that taste sooo good, all those people that gets a frap (frappocino) are addicted to it, especially the mocha ones or a coffee based one.
mocha frap, java chip, chocolate frap etc
by HBS girl May 16, 2010

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