A tiny bowel movement that happens accidentally when you're passing gas. The most common cause of skid marks. Roughly the anal equivalent of "vurp," the tiny vomit that accidentally comes up in the back of your throat when you burp. Word derived from the combination of "fart" and "crap."
You'd better check your shorts 'cause I think that last one was a frap.
by words4money March 13, 2008
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The act of Female Masturbation.
: Hey, is Sarah coming to the beach later ?

:Naah, she'll be in the house , frapping away as usual ...
by AlbertFinestein February 14, 2011
A trendy in-game video recording tool, notorious for the free version that has a huge RECORDED USING THE FREE VERSION OF FRAPS. Also increases your ping and system resources.
I was filming a new commercial for Taco ToWn, and the camera man was using fraps. It increased our ping so high that we got banned from the Hollywood Studios server.

When the unedited commerical was finally done, I was able to show everybody my boring crap via Youtube.
by Lee Harvey Hitler October 29, 2007
Frenetic Random Activity Pattern. A behavior often exhibited by puppies or young dogs wherein the animal, without an apparent reason, suddenly runs at high speed, frantically darting in multiple directions then racing to a sudden stop. These episodes generally last 60-90 seconds at most. In general the puppy will appear very pleased with itself. May happen indoors or out.
The puppies had a FRAP attack when out in the yard.
by poodlemama July 06, 2005
A computer program used to record video games and other computer activity instead of using a shitty camcorder to get crappy low resolution videos and making an ass out of yourself on YouTube.

Often used to create a Machinima.
I captured my epic headshot triple-kill on Fraps!
by Spades Neil June 30, 2010
A Frap is another meaning for being a "Slut", "Hoe", Thot, or "Nat Nat" ... Word came from Urban teens from the Eastside part of town (Stone Mountain/Lithonia). This word is Mostly Used in Urban Parts of Atlanta..
Bro You better get your girl, I Heard she's been "Frappin" off..

Lets hit the after party, heard its going to be Hella "Fraps" there..

You kissed that Slut!? You ain't know she's some "FRAP" ?
by YurpStampedThis February 10, 2014
A program that records video. It is often used for video games. However, it decreases your fps, frames per second, which means less quality of your videos and it lags horribly, depending on your graphics card.
Fraps is epic, but why does it have to decrease FPS?
by MisaTange July 17, 2009
An extremely high tweeker, hella tweeked, so fucken tweeked, that its blast to everyone, that ur so far gone ur on a permanent one, all the while your so spun you think no one knows you're on the sickest one ever.
Characteristics- running around in circles so fast doing so many things, so. close to nothing, you can hardly tell the difference, feeling like ur getting hella done but actually never finishing anything.

The frap is always late, usually has a face thin as a brick and an ass flat as a runway.

The Frap,Frapper, Frapping
Random nodding; especially while driving.
Random twitching of body, mostly when getting ready to nod. Aka Bugs Bunnying, although sometimes can occur when wide awake, hella deep in some Frap mess or root. MOSTLY OCCURS IN THE MORE SEVERELY TWEEKED ADDICTS OR DOPE FIENDS.
by Missme88 March 07, 2014

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