A Super Nerd, usually Asian, gets extremely high grades in school, and is extremely athletic. The only thing is, the person is not popular.
Look at that guy, he has everything, but girls; Such a Franz.
by I know a franz September 04, 2008
noun : A guy who gets praised because of his great abilities but keeps on denying everything even though it's clearly obvious that he's better than most of his colleagues.
"Hey, you're so smart! You always get the highest grades! You're clearly the smartest one in class!"

"No I'm not smart. I'm just lucky."

"Oh come on, don't be a Franz!"
by zrba April 13, 2009
A smart, caring, nice, person. usually short tempered but will stand up for something he believes in. Athletic, and lazy.
franz you rock
by fhsiofgjghfhjg March 26, 2010
Another word for gay horse
I went to my friends ranch last week, i saw a Franz trying to hit on the other horses
by shahd and the people November 30, 2013
Alternative german word for Profilneurotiker.
Don't be such a Franz about your size. Remember size doesn't matter
by Jethropew January 23, 2006

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