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An aunt who is also a good friend to a niece or nephew; most likely close in age to her niece or nephew. Someone who is more like a peer than an aunt.
Friend: "Your aunt is only 20?"

Niece: "Yeah she's my frant."

Friend: "Dude your aunt is so cool."

Nephew: "Yeah she's a frant."
by poems July 23, 2012
The act of being crazy over someone or something.
"She's so frant about him."
by Bobry Yul November 03, 2015
To write on Facebook or declaim extravagantly or violently on the same; to utter or declaim in a ranting manner in a facebook post.
I was so I angry I logged into Facebook and had a Frant!
by martv2 April 24, 2012
used when something undisireable happens
"Oh frant, they're out of preperation h at the drugstore."
by lizbian December 16, 2004
v. 1. To study for a quiz/test excessively and unnecessary.

2. To study every night because you have no life.

n. One who studies way too much for no particular reason.
1. I franted really hard last night even though it was just a five question quiz.

2. I franted for the past week because the power went out and my phone was dead.

3. Guy 1- "What did you do last weekend?"

Guy 2- "I studied the entire time."

Guy 1- "But there's no test..."

Guy 2- "I know."

Guy 1- "OMG you're such a frant!"
by AlienDuck July 21, 2016
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