1. (n.) A nickname for the town Franklin, Tennessee.
2. (adj.) Of or referring to the town of Franklin.
3. (interj.) A word in a chant typically made by students of Franklin High School, usually in conjunction with a interrogative pronoun; i.e. "Franktown WHAT?"

Etymology: The rapper Cadence (now DJ Cadence), a graduate of Franklin High, coined this word some years ago, most likely in 2002. The word is a neologism based on the word "Franklin," a picturesque and historic suburb of roughly 35,000 inhabitants just south of Nashville, Tennessee.

Use: It should be noted that in every part of speech that it takes on, the word "Franktown" carries a certain connotation of gangstaness, though said quality is usually pretended for the amusement of the speaker and/or his/her listeners. Ironically, many of the subjects about which Cadence raps, including tough streets and widespread violence, are by far the exception rather than the rule in Franklin, a generally peaceful and quiet city which stands as a monument to the harmonious integration of past, present, and future ways of life.
"When I say Franktown, you say TENNIE!" --Cadence, stage banter ('Tennie', which refers to Tennessee, is analogous to 'Franktown')

"And when you come to Franktown, don't forget yo' bulletproof!" --Cadence, unknown song
by Spark Daddy F January 22, 2005
1. Franktown, Tennie aka Franklin, Tennessee
2. Gangsta name of the aforementioned city given by local Franklin High School rapper, Cadence, in one of his more *legendary* performances...
"I'm from Franktown, Tennie. Are you from around Nash-vegas?"
by punkiavelli January 19, 2005
Nickname for Franklin, VA
We finna throw down in Franktown tonight!
by Burge$$ June 26, 2011

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