town with a population of almost 26,000 people,
very diverse of mostly latino, italian, an blacks. drugs and gangs plague the streets of franklin park. most criminal activities happen by a neighborhood park called "chestnut park".as the well known gang hood called the jungle has fallen by the years new gangs have moved in such as cobras an especially the latin kings.alotta violence in franklin park.
lets go buy some weed in franklin park, i heard they got some good stuff
by king luv March 10, 2011
Top Definition
Franklin Park is a average size town, a suburb Northwest of Chicago. Known for its Corruption and Republican views. the town normally falls racially between Mexicans (normally from Durango) and Whites. With the closing of Capri Green, some small sets of black residents. The town residents are split up between two different (but connected) High Schools, East Leyden and West Leyden.

While both schools rank average among High Schools in this area, both are known for different reasons. West Leyden has a problem with gangs and drugs. East Leyden is more preppy with violence normally between polish and mexican groups. Also teachers are known for having relationships with students.

Although Franklin Park is also known for its high drug usage, the drugs here are primarily heroin and coke, though most students are known for smoking weed.

The gangs who have occupied this town are known for their areas, with Imperial Gangsters (IG), running the well known "Jungle" area of town or our ghetto and The once highly active Royals, who ran the streets of George , and are all over Franklin Park. With small sets of other gangs moving in including Latin Kings, 22 boys and Cobras. Also has a skater community with its own skate/party crews.

The area is best described as "Mannheim & Grand"... with Mannheim being created by a well known Chicago mobster, Al Capone. The street is still known for its mob covers, meth houses, and hookers.
by SashaBlack January 31, 2011
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