a school in massachusetts that has a nice staff, but the kids are very rude. they're mostly preppy/wannabe popular kids wearing hollister, abercrombie, and aeropostale clothing. the guys are mostly sporty douchebags. they're stuck up and they think that they're so awesome, when in reality, nobody cares.
person 1: i go to franklin high school!

person 2: oh that's why you're such a douche...
by franklinsucks September 13, 2011
Top Definition
Franklin High School, is a large, recently constructed high school in the middle of a cow field in the small town of Somerset, New Jersey. When it is finally completed in the year 2020, FHS will be undoubtedly the most advanced high school in central Jersey. With its Nazi-like institution regulations, FHS is filled with many opportunities for young adults to gain a head in life. "A head" meaning blowjobs in the bathroom stalls, sexual encounters with science teachers and countless unexpected abortions. Other than the stabbings, ice cream parlor robberies, cocaine busts and suicide conseling, the high school also offers a unique perspective on the performing arts. Your popularity is often judged on how many Spring musicals you appeared in. The current black prinicipal of the school is often seen in the weight room lifting 90lb dumbells while wearing pink spandex and listening to the tunes of Elton John. The security guards of which can be compared to the likes of Dilbert, Aretha Franklin and Tony Soprano, are only present to harass students about their hall pass and are never around when actual trouble arises (ie: fights, sex in the champagne room, c-lo games in the bathroom, etc). The students of course are nonetheless ardent in their progress in education. They are often seen roaming the halls hung over from the hotel/house party the night before (in which only about half a cup of alcohol was consumed). At the very top echelon of the social pyramid lays the elite group of students who not only are worshipped by their fellow peers but the faculty of the school. Reigning the land with their popped lacoste shirts and Abercrombie pantaloons, the kids in this group are perceived to be the coolest kids around when in fact they do nothing but sit in a pool house playing texas hold em and ringing freshmen doorbells. Unforunately for the male population, the only socially acceptable hot vagina around are those of the dance teachers. Nonetheless, BD and MP still got a shit ton of vagina.
Alumni 1: "Hey bro do you want to visit Franklin High School later?
Alumni 2: "Fuck that shit. College is so much better. "
Alumni 1: "True true. Lets get jerky somewhere else and run a train on an FHS Freshman."
by Pickle & Penis February 26, 2006
A place in reisterstown of dicks, haters, sluts, bitches, rednecks, preps, nerds, lovers, sex addicts, alcoholics, drug addicts, lacross doushbags, fat ass girls, ugly preps and basically any other kind of person you could ever imagine. Almost everybody smokes, almost everybody talks about everyone else, spanish kids seclude themselves along with Indians and other minorties. Jews form their own cliques and the only good sports team is football. Oh and a lot of people smell bad.
Hey man at Franklin High School, if you dont like one person go talk to another
by updownup123456789 March 19, 2011
A giant school that just looks big on the out side but is filled with a lot of great people, also is not full of rich white kids, but instead with many different races and wealth status.
John: Franklin High School isnt full of a bunch of rich whites kids like urban dictionary

Joe: Your right is no
by D2sWORLD October 26, 2011
A newly recently constructed high school built in the mddle of nowhere new jersey. Franklin High school is more of a private school than a regular high school. Also if you notice the school is not even completed yet, which will be done around the year of never. Most people that go ther complain about the rules and how ther system works. Also don't mind as certain students try to act like there from a hood but when they see real gangbangers they act all soft around them. Othewise the school is pretty good but there are a few errors the school needs to change. Most of all the franklin high schoool is more of a private school with it's seemly strict laws.
Guy 1: Yo wanna go to franklin high school

Guy: No i rather sleep on a toilet.
Guy 1: did you kno franklin ryhmes with Spanklin
Guy:.......who are you?
by R5678910 June 17, 2009
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