The best guy you will ever meet. Super strong and muscular. Is a sweetheart with a bad ass side sometimes. Has the cutest baby face you have ever seen but is older then you. If he is your friend or boyfriend you better hold onto him for dear life and never let him go because even though he doesn't see it, every girl wishes she could be with him. Is shy at first, but then if y'all click then he opens up right away. He knows exactly how to make your day and he doesn't even have to try. The best country boy you will ever know. The exact definition of "Southern gentleman." Can sing like a real country singe, maybe Scotty McCreery or Josh Turner, someone with a really dreamy voice. Can make you smile for not reason whats so ever. I love you Frankie <3
girl: *says something sweet over text*
frankie: <3 I can't even find words right now

girl: awww its ok you don't need to say anything

frankie: thats the time that if you had said all that to me in person where I would kiss you instead of saying anything
girl: *smiles like and idiot to her phone*
by Dazzlewitad May 05, 2013
A very beautiful, sexy, funny, and sweet woman.
That girl Frankie is so amazing.
by Swagger mikkk swag notzzz. August 25, 2011
Fuck Boi, He is scumfuck. Biggest Wigger there is. He tries to be cool but isn't. Always is trying to brag about his ugly ass girlfriend.

Only packing 3 inches.
Guy 1: Hey dude, did you get that weed last night?
Guy 2: Oh hell, no. I don't wanna be a Frankie.
by Sex-Lord May 16, 2015
Is yes indeed a man that is rather handsome with a large penis. Can be one classy motherfucker, but can also be the awesomest person in the world.

I would know,
And he should know.
Can have a bit of an ego at times, and can sometimes say some pretty fucked shit, but knows how to back himself up with words like a boss.

His name is commonly a version of Francis or Francisco.

The name has also been used with girls too, but it's not very common.
"See that guy over there? $20 says his name is Frankie."
by Tsuki-Melo January 06, 2012
Sexy woman with great tits, a pretty good ass and a funny personality. Easy to get in her pants, but break her heart and she will find you and fucking kill you.
"Dude, did you see Frankie? She is one sexy ass bitch."
by THE FATHER February 23, 2014
Frankie is a beautiful human. She often lacks self esteem I have no idea why because she's fucking fabulous. She likes to take selfies. She is a lot better than your average human. She got dem goose vibes. She has a very large penis.
Anne: frankie is my best friend

Mongoose:I beg to differ actually
by mongoosebestfriend October 14, 2013
Loves the gossip and always wants to know what's going on. Also has big boobs.
hey frankie guess what?

what what what tell me?

your boob just hit me in the face.
by Abbycat January 14, 2010

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