A flippin awesome, crazy girl who doesn't play by society's rules
Who does that chick think she is runnin around the neighborhood in her pjs with a bowl of cereal and no make up at 2 in the afternoon?

Oh, that's just Frankie
by ChyeaMan April 26, 2012
Top Definition
Usually a VERY attractive male or even female. Can be a unisex name. They are normally very sarcastic and trouble makers. They love to make friends, be wild and have a good time. You know a Frankie? Yes? Than you better consider them a good friend, cause they are!
"Woah look at that hottie!! I bet their name is Frankie."
by FrankieSayRelax August 23, 2009
one of the most amazing people on the planet; very talented artist and musician. Makes the perfect lover, tremendously endowed.
See perfect.
Man, I wish I had Frankie as my boyfriend.
by G. Zilla August 27, 2008
usually an extremely good looking person with a huge penis.
Woman 1: "wow, did you see that guy over there, he was hot!"

Woman 2: "Yeh, I bet his name was Frankie"
by Joe Langloy July 28, 2008
The act of being so gangsta that people respect you everywhere you go, CUZ THEY KNOW BETTER!!!!!
Damn, that nigga is mad frankie!!!
by icantstandbitchniggaz June 12, 2008
Amazing guy who is HILARIOUS. Very rarely serious, but can be when needed. Fuckin' cute too <33
Girl one: Oh my god! that guy is soo funny! And cute too!
Girl two: Must be a Frankie ;D
by Leah West May 03, 2011
Gorgeous. She is the prettiest girl on the inside and out. A killer athlete who can kick butt. She'll always be loyal to you and she's not afraid to tell you how things are straight up, but she would never try to purposely hurt you. This girl is so beautiful, funny, talented, smart, friendly, athletic and best of all she's a really nice person.
Me: I'm fat and ugly:(
Frankie: SHUT UP! No you are not! God made you perfectly! You are beautiful!
Me: thanks Frankie! Love you girl(:
by That girl with SWAG February 20, 2012
the guy of my dreams =] makes everyone laugh and everyone loves him. problem solver and damn sure loves me =] i love him =]
jessica: fuck you!
nicole: blah blah blah
jessica: fuck you slut backstabber whore.
imma my babe now.
babe i just cussed nicole out she was talking to much shit.
frankie: aww babe im here for you i love you
by jabbajess December 07, 2008
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