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It's the economy, stupid!
The most hardworking city in Germany.
Strong through multicultural diversity.

Finest chicas!
1:what have you done, you f** addict?
2:sorry dude, I had to burn down that empty soap factory in Sossenheim. It was freaking me out.
1: Ohh, ok then.
by joki September 16, 2004
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Strange city in Germany where wine grows on the trees (applewine).

Only european city that has some kind of skyline.

Also known for its famous sausages.
Guy 1: I live in Frankfurt.
Mr. 2: Which one? Frankfurt/Main or Frankfurt/Oder?
Guy 1: FFS YOU IDIOT! There is only one real Frankfurt->Frankfurt/Main
We should burn down this fking eastern German city that is so poor that it even can't efford an own name.
by Tempesta April 30, 2004
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Only european city with skyscrapers.. Although very few, it's growing fast..

The city also has one of the worlds biggest music happenings, the "music messe".

And all you can get there is cheep beer, sausages and FUCKIN sauercraut... so long stayings are definetly out of the question.
"Ich want...ehh wolle eine Frankfurter haben?"
"Mit sauercraut?"
by saxojon January 05, 2005
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an inflamed and very red cock that has pimples.
I think that chick gave me a frankfurt
by Crazy Psycopath Steve June 12, 2011
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by wickedNH February 06, 2004
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