a girl at my job who wears big black platforms and does the pee wee herman dance with them on
hey oscar look at frankenstein over there doin the pee wee dance again
by grinch99999 May 21, 2008
An adjective describing something that is not only supremely cool, but supremely original. For use only in rare situations.
"Hey man, look at this bitchin' new gameboy I stole!" "Dude, thats mo' fuggin' Frankenstein!"
by The Brown Barbarian November 09, 2005
a blunt laced with crack and PCP
I smoked a frankenstein and started doin the moonwalk
by methjwalker June 06, 2005
1.an instrumental by the Edgar Winter Group that is regarded as one of the best instrumental rock songs ever
2.John Kerry, so called because he looks and talks like frankenstein
George W. Bush is running against Frankenstein
by Illinois Joe October 07, 2004
the walk you be doin after you smoke some bomb ass chronic
In the movie Grandma's Boy, some old lady hit up some chronic and was doing the Frankenstein all through the house.
by USCistheshit September 26, 2007
A person with a square, flat and large head, stupid, who is also tall and large, but has no coordination and is affraid of harmless things like tenis balls
Oh my god John you frankenstein its just a ball it wont bite.
by cornchips June 27, 2006
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