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A previously torn piece of paper (letter, document) that has been pieced back together with tape or staples.

Someone had torn an order in half and later realized they needed both halves to read it right. They used some staples to fit it back together. I came in and saw it and said,

"What's with the Frankenpaper?"
by Tracy Rodgers May 24, 2007
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copying and pasteing different sentences from different essay websites to create a untracable plagiarized essay.

this is to simple to understand no example is needed for franken paper
by Tylerwbubs July 27, 2007
(n.) -- digital newspapers that replace print newspapers
"As more and more print newspapers go digital and stop being printed on paper, I worry that these digital frankenpapers might turn into little monsters."

-- overheard at a watercooler in a Madison Avenue advertising agency office, September 1, 2010
by PRwiz101 September 14, 2010

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