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The act of walking like Frankenstein while farting upon each step.
Dude Shawn just blew threw here with a monster 5 step Frankenfart.
by Dr Shilng Shlong Rock June 18, 2009
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A passing of gas (fart) so unbearably awful and disgusting that it's potency is rumored to have magical powers that can give life to the dead. People aren't worried of the living-dead because the of the poisonous gas created from a frankenfart that can eat through human flesh is more terrifying.
Person 1: "Holy shit dude that was a frankenfart!" *Begins fumigating the room*
Person 2: "It wasn't that bad! It couldn't have been a frankenfart."
Person 1: "The building is decomposing around us."
by Ew! January 24, 2015

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