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when a persons outfit/hair/makeup or style in general tends to make them look like frankenstine.
Kid 1: Now that daddy has short hair he looks like frankenstine.

Kid 2: Oh yeah, dads gettin his frankenstyle on!
by lookabutt January 26, 2011
The act of participating in anal sex, between to men. Derives from the saying "Doggy Style", but changed to "Franken" to emphasize on the Gay aspect.
Guy 1: "Hey bro, Whatd you do last night?"
Guy 2: "Me and Jimmy went for drinks, then back to his house where we Franken Styled all night?"
Guy 1: "Dude, you and Jimmy are gay, and had sex!"
Guy 2: "Yea bro we always do! "
Guy 1: "Ewww man, get the fuck away from me."
by THAH MAHN October 13, 2009
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