Frank Iero is the rhythm guitarist and backup vocalist for the alternative rock band, my favorite band, My Chemical Romance (a.k.a. MCR). Frank Iero was born in Belleville, New Jersey, in 1981, on the best day of the year: October 31st. He is completely and totally amazing. He is easily, like, one of the hottest men alive. damn. :)
Frank Iero, sir, you are just way too amazing. Don't deny it, because you really just can't.
#god #amazing #omg #mcr #hot damn
by screenname17 September 13, 2010
The funniest most amazing musician in the world. Rhythm guitarist of the best band ever (My Chemical Romance) and most girls love him for his amazing looks and talent.
Frank Iero is too good for examples.
#frank #awesome #fit #talented #amazing
by My Chemical Romance Lover. October 18, 2011
The extremely hot rhythm guitarist for the alternative rock band My Chemical Romance. He was the vocalist for bands Pencey Prep (1998–2002) and LeATHERMØUTH (2007–2010), Pencey Prep being being the band he was in before MCR, and LeATHERMØUTH being his hardcore side project. He has expressed his pro-gay rights stance on numerous occasions, influencing the fan-romance between him and lead singer of My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way, known as frerard. In 2008, he was named one of the World's Sexiest Vegetarians, along with Alyssa Milano. On March 9, 2008, he married Jamia Nestor. Their twin daughters, Cherry and Lily, were born in September of 2010.
P1: Who do you think is hotter? Frank Iero or Gerard Way?

P2: Frank Iero! Definitely!

P1: But not as hot as Mikey, right?

P2: Ha! Frank Iero bets all of MCR as far as hotness goes. Mikey still bets Gerard though.
#gerard way #mikey way #frerard #ray toro #my chemical romance
by Vona892 January 14, 2012
The modified form of Frank Iero
Hey look, it's Frankie-ro!
by Jess "Danny" January 31, 2005
Guitarist for My Chemical Romance. Also shortest member of the band. (He was too short to hold the coffin in the Helena video. And yes, that *is* all I notice about him.)
Frank Iero is a mini emo.
#frank iero #my chemical romance #guitarist #short #mini #emo
by TREWACKO March 22, 2007
Guitarist for My Chemical Romance. Engaged to some woman whose name I can't remember.
Frank Iero looks like my dad's friend Jim.
I don't really care about Frank Iero tbh... I just want to know how to pronounce his surname. O-O
#my chemical romance #mcr #cool person #guitarist #guitar #omgzlol #o-o #tbh #awkward surname for me to pronounce.
extremely hot guy...he's in my chemical romance. a pretty good band, even though they're sellouts. But frank, the hotXcore guitarist, is still as wicked as can be. I lub frank! and he looks like my best friend. and his eyes are shmexshey....
frank is sexy when he kisses guys
by the infamous lushie February 19, 2005
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