A very hot and extremely talented rythym guitarist and backup singer in the band My Chemical Romance which formed in his hometown Belleville,NJ. He is engaged to a woman known as Jamia Nestor soon to be Jamia Iero. He loves dogs(he has 3). He went to Catholic school and was bullied. Formerly of bands Pencey prep,I Am A Graveyard, Sector 12,and Hybrid. He has known Jamia since high school. His favorite band is The Bouncing Souls. His mom's name is Linda. He is the youngest member of MCR. He also has the most tattoos. He smokes. His birthday is October 31st,1981. He's about 5'4.all in all, he's pretty goddam cool...
Frank Iero is probobly an international guitarist sex symbol. He is untouchable.
by Sierra Sizzle bitch April 11, 2006
Guitarist of the band My Chemical Romance.
Hot, but also very talented.
Engaged, so no, you can't have him, fangirls!
Frank Iero is talent on legs.
by a person with a face March 18, 2006
Totally GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! One of the sexiest men on the planet. Lauren D hearts Frank Iero
Other sexy men: Ian Watkins, Quinn Allman, Ryan Cabrera, Jude Law, Billie Joe Armstrong etc
by xxxWish.He.Was.Minexxx February 08, 2005
The most Beautiful man on earth.Rhythm Gutarist for My chemical romance. born on october 31st, 1981(halloween). He is Perfection inside and out
"I love frank Iero" "Isnt Frank Iero from My chemical romance Gorgeous?"
by Argggghhhh July 15, 2006
1.) A slang for "sex"

2.) Walking sex; a possible human walking and having sex at the same time.

3.) A sexy beast found in a crazy concert, definectly worth looking at for hours
Definition 1.) I was frank ieroing you!!
by Murdering A Tramp February 12, 2008
Current rhythm guitarist for rock band My Chemical Romance. He was once a member of the band Pencey Prep, but dropped out to join MCR full-time. He currently owns a record label/book publisher/clothing design company, called Skeleton Crew. His side project, Leathermouth, is published by Skeleton Crew. He is engaged to Jamia Nestor, and they plan on getting married in March or May of 2008.

You can find his full biography easily on Google.
Me: So, are happy about Frank Iero and Jamia Nestor? I'm glad to see that he found someone that he could spend his life with!


Me: Get the hell out of my face before I take a knife to your fucking throat.
by Jori December 03, 2007
Rhythm Guitarist (or back-up guitar) and Back-up Vocals for the famous band My Chemical Romance or sometimes known as MCR. He won sexiest vegitarian for 2008. He is a very good looking man, and is married to the beautiful Jamia Nestor (Now Iero, I presume) some people have trouble pronouncing his surname (It's pronounced Eye-Year-Oh) He had trouble in High School with bullies and he is an AMAZING guitarist, he has LOTS of energy while at shows.

Recently has gained a couple of pounds and all the crazy, poser fan-girls are MAD at him about that, which I think is ridiculous.

He had quite a few previous bands before finally joining with My Chemical Romance, for example; Pencey Prep (I use this as an example because its the most known I think..) but it broke up. He now also has a side-project band with the name leATHERMOUTH, who by now probably have MILLIONS on poser fans claiming they 'love' the music, but the fact is they only like it because Frank is apart of it, they probably don't even know what he plays or does.

I for one think Frank Iero is one of the sweetest men on this planet, he actually gives a fuck. He's always talking about how we should do at least one good deed a day and stuff like that, he is truly inspirational.

He is also the shortest member of MCR, he is about 5'5" inches, and in the Helena video he says that he wasn't even tall enough to carry the coffin, he was just touching it.
Crazy Poser Fan-Girl: Omgzz lyk hu iz dat reli fit guy from that band?! the short guitarist!

Actual Real Fan Of MCR: What band?

CPFG: That band who sing that song with that reli fit guy in it!

Actual Real Fan Of MCR: =/

CPFG: They sing Teenagers!

Actual Real Fan Of MCR: My Chemical Romance?

CPFG: Yeah! I knew that was their name!

Actual Real Fan Of MCR: Frank Iero...


by Joelenne February 16, 2009

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