1. The best damn author who ever lived.

2. Creator of the best novel series ever, and used more imagination than the great George Lucas.

3. My personal hero.
1. Frank Herbert wrote Dune.

2. Star Wars is great, but Dune is better.

3. Frank Herbert is a freaking genius. He opens your mind when you read his words. To describe him in one word, he is epic
#dune #superhero #writer #author #american #genius #melange #spice #arrakis #chuck norris
by Herbertismyhomeboy August 15, 2009
Top Definition
A popular science fiction author. More specifically, the creator of the Dune series of books. Dune centers around the planet Arakis which is the only source of the Spice, the substance that keeps the Galactic Empire functioning.
Frank Herbert wrote the book Dune, widely considered one of the best works of science fiction ever created.
#dune #arakis #spice #sand worms #author
by Phantom_1thrd October 14, 2006
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