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friends and fans for those that are famous, that are kewl with there fans
as Steph Jones said: I dont think of my fans as fans, but there not friends cuz they dont know my mama, so i made a name fo ya'll... "Frands"
by jrad713 October 24, 2009
15 8
Extreme friend. Best of the best.
Joel is my best frand.
by Aimee B August 05, 2006
70 28
a stronger relationship than friends
by weirdkidabc November 21, 2009
21 5
fan + friend = frand.

Celebrities have them. It's where they interact with their fans (whether it be through through the internet, mail, etc.), so they're sort of like friends, but obviously not quite there yet because they don't really know them on a more personal level.
An actual, real-life friend of a celebrity: Yo man, what are you doing on the computer that's taking you so long?

Celebrity: Oh, I'm just on Facebook... replying to these messages that a few of my frands sent me.
by Ooh Chow May 03, 2009
26 23
similar to cankles, where the wrist portion of the arm is not present, the forearm is connected to the hand.
that guy has frands.
by Erik Garcia November 06, 2007
7 17
Similiar to grand, meaning fabulous.
What a frand day we are having!
by Stehner May 17, 2008
7 37