A closet homosexual mexican who thinks that he is better than everyone when in fact he is just a piece of poo you can't wait to get rid of.

He thinks he is smooth but everyone can see through his lies.

A mamma's boy who will never find true love.
Girl 1 "did you SEE that guy?"
Girl 2 "yeah...what a skank!"
Girl 1 "definitely a Francisco"
by dont_hate_me September 20, 2011
Top Definition
A man who you think highly of, even when you know all his faults. He is charming, and seductive, and handsome in his own way. He can make you smile, cry, laugh, and want to punch the wall all with a txt.
Very strong, very masculine, tall, and he has the cutest smile. He smells wonderful. Though his hands look rough, they are smooth and can be gentle when he wants them to be. He can sing, rope, weld, and fight. He can calm a person down, as well as wind a person up. He tends to have a brick wall around him, but he knows there are holes in it. A few missing bricks. He loves his family and they come first. A lot of the time he puts himself last, too.
He's always there for his friends, so he says. Really he's always there for the friends he chooses, not all of them.
"You know you love me."

"You're such a Francisco."
by DanceCrier September 06, 2008
A boy who has a great personality, is sweet, nice, charming and can be quite naughty. He loves his family, his girlfriend and his friends. He treats them with a lot respect. He loves video games especially games with a lot of action. Is generally tall thin and loves to rock and roll.
Francisco is so cute!
Why is Francisco so nice?
by Franky Francisco Frank April 14, 2009
the emperor of and king of Atlantis
atlantis: the lost city you idiot
by Joker March 23, 2005
Male- Very Sexy and hot and fine and cute and attractive , has a nice butt and smells really good . plays basketball or baseball or football and hes someone you just want to sleep with every night . usually franciscos have pretty girlfriends.
damnn look at franciscos new girlfriend
i know ! they slept together last night !
lucky bitch
by gfrjbkhnjhyygtfffrhjkhfftt October 03, 2011
A muscular Spanish guy who has a kind heart. He lies sometimes, but loves his girlfriend like nobody else could. His girlfriend is a white girl, with a nice ass. Francisco's are not attracted to other Spanish girls WHATSOEVER. Franciscos have tattoos. He loves his family so much. He's the guy that every girl wants. Francisco's always make the funniest faces, and have the best laughs.
"Ooh, he is Spanish, and has tattoos. What a stud!"
"Oh, that's Francisco."
by thebitchwhoisunderyourbed November 19, 2013
A Francisco is the king of San Francisco. People will travel across the world just to go to California and worship the Francisco. A Francisco is an amazing soccer player. A Francisco likes to say the lamest jokes but somehow they're always funny. A Francisco can also be a dumb ass at times.
Ohh, look at that Espanol guy! He so lame but he's good at soccer. He must be a Francisco.
by bow-chica-wow-wow July 02, 2010
Cute , hispanic guy whos fun to be with loves a girl named taylor but doesnt know it. Normally loves to play baseball and is really beast at it. Most of the time franciscos have black hair and there really sexy and you just want to make out with them .
dude #1 - man i would turn gay for francisco
by magaaalioooogeeetsteh September 17, 2011
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