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When a long-running franchise, with a well-established fanbase, is raped. The rape will always be committed either by a money-hungry outsider with no love for the franchise, or an insider who's totally sold out. Sometimes a franchise can be gang-raped by a combination of the two.

The victim of the rape will always be disfigured beyond recognition by the vast majority of the fanbase, and many have been known to burn their eyes out upon first viewing.
In terms of franchise rape, which film wins: Indiana Jones 4 or Wolverine?

Indy 4 got franchise raped so hard, the entire fanbase has gone blind.
by Fluffyudders May 01, 2009
When a movie ruins the franchise
X-Men Origins: Wolverine franchise raped the X-Men movies. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull franchise raped the Indiana Jones movies.
by joe asdfqwertyasdf April 30, 2009
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