Abreviation for the flower "Franchipani" used as an insult to incinuate homosexuality.
Go and eat a turd you fucken franch
by timorpatty October 15, 2007
Top Definition
A delicious mixture of French and Ranch dressings.
You: Wow, this salad is delicious! What dressing is this?
Me: Oh, it's called Franch. It's 1/2 French dressing and 1/2 Ranch.
by aishabe January 18, 2006
a certain kind of cream-based massage.
"she franched the man rod with all he might but Mr. Baggles said he wanted her to stop."
by farm65432189098234 January 25, 2014
Franks red hot sauce mixed with ranch dressing. Usually a Canadian thing eh! Good on pizza
This pizza needs something, Well grab the Franch!
by Big Rig buddy guy 45 October 04, 2010
Pretending to speak French to fit in as a tourist in France.
Zach: Man Andrew's French is amazing, where did he learn to talk like that?

DJ: He's just pretending to speak French, he's speaking nothing but Franch.
by DJ Jazzy Cote March 11, 2011
A farm that is also a ranch.
My family grows corn and has cows and pigs, we live on a franch.
by francher101 July 27, 2011
word you use to confuse anyone who asks you what kind of salad dressing you would like
"what kind of dressing do you want?"





by Rich August 07, 2004
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