The most ugly person you will ever meet in you life she is mean, crazy, but have the biggest butt you will ever see
Person: Dang........she ugly..... but she got a fat booty
Person 2 : Yeah she must be a Frances
by Beat bopp June 05, 2016
A country that doesn't know how to win a war.
Person 1: Hey man. I haven't been keeping up with the war. Who is winning?
Person 2: Definitely not France, that's for sure.
by FridayLover May 29, 2014
A nation composed entirely of homosexuals and effeminate hermaphrodites, most of which make a living as prostitutes. As a result of this and their decadent habits, namely, protesting the fact that they have to earn their baguette dildos and shitty wine with hard labor by day, and smoking cigarettes in cafes and bitching about their easy lives all night, every war they have ever entered ended up, sooner or later, in them opening their assholes wide and letting the enemy rape them for hours on end. The only gear French soldiers carry into battle are white flags and lube, as surrendering and getting assraped is all they are good at.
"What are all these faggots doing here spreading their assholes and putting white flags in them?" "Oh, they came from France last week."
by The Antidote February 26, 2014
1 - The antonym of England, and, in certain cases, of U.S.

2 - The richiest land of the Roman Empire (Galia)

3 - The winner of several wars and battles

4 - The land of the Liberty, the Equality, and the Fraternity

5 - Homeland of the French people

6 - Great producer of wine and cheese

7 - Country with the better culinary of the world

8 - Ally of the americans in their Independence War
A English: What do you think about waterloo?

A French: What do you think about Joana d'Arc?

A English: What do you think about... ehr...

A French: What do you think about the American independence War?

A English: ...

A French: How's about Austerlitz? And the Somme?

A English: ...


A English: I shall go to France. Then I'll wrote my name on the Eiffel Tower and say that we are better educated in England.
by Someone besides me January 25, 2011
A giant sausage fest.
Weird Faggot: I'm going to France!!!

Smart dude: dude, France is a giant sausage fest
by Damittucker April 26, 2010
The country that started the Post-it Art craze.

Aka. France, a country in Western Europe that used to be the center of power and culture, but recently lost all that due to the enormous amount of time it spends trying to maneuver through its own ridiculously complex and incompetent government, arguing with itself and the United States, and chasing anything with a skirt higher than knee-length. Between all that it has had no time to do anything actually useful for anybody for the past half century. So instead it contents itself with preserving what culture it used to have through government funded programs.

Its food doesn't really live up to reputation (but the restaurants charge the price for it), the people in the cities are rude and consider running others off the street...oh wait. They're so into themselves they don't notice they run people off the streets. The low wage workers often strike in places that do not affect the government, but do get in the way of ordinary citizens. Their doctors do not call patients back and they do not clean or bath or pick up their dog poo so they are often sick. Their managers have temper tantrums at work (at the places that actually accomplish work). And their public transportation, aside from the metro, is crap.

So they moan that they are not the center of the Earth, but continue to do nothing productive about it. Except make Post-it art.
Girl 1 "Oh isn't France romantic?!?!"

Girl2 "Sure, I love the way that smelly man over there just told me I'm fat and drooled over my ass"
by qwertyuiopzxcvbnm12345 October 10, 2011
1) (verb) A legal term: 'to france' someone is when you poo in that person's garbage can. If one cannot poo at the time, rotten eggs, spoiled meat and moldy cheese works just as well. You may also feel free to substitute drawers, lockers, medical cabinets and potted plants for said garbage can.

2) (noun) A place often fought over by European powers throughout history... never associated with victory with the exception of other countries helping it.

3) (adjective) 'french' 'frenchman': to be 'french' involves essentially involves someone getting all their closest friends to join them in a fight against a rival group of friends, then quit when the going gets tough. First used during the latter part of the first world war.
1) Person 1: "Man, Milly's was so lame last night me and Jack franced every garbage can in the house before we left"
Person 2: "Dude, Milly's party is tomorrow"
Person 1: "Even so"

2) Napoleon: "We'll defeat Britain"
Continental Europe: "Shit we're on France's side"

shortly after World War Two broke out:
France: "Sacred-bleu, Je ne sais pas que je peux perdre si vite! but on bright side, that was the best evacuation of the military ever."
Britain: "Maggie! I'm on France's side. Hey US, wanna give a hand?"
US: "Nah we'd rather just sell weapons to everyone for a little while..."
Britain: "Whatever, I guess we'll just wait three or four years until Russia softens the Nazis up a bit"
US: "Too bad Russia's too poor to afford weapons..."

3) We don't hang out with Louis anymore 'cause we realized he was the french guy of the group
by Jon Wonk April 08, 2010
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