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pretty, short . she always hanging out with boys and when you first meet her she quiet and look mean but after you get to know her she loud and funny . she the coolest girl you know . she will always have your back . and she will keep it 100 with you . and she very blunt
frances always say whats on her mind
by francesssss05 December 15, 2013
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Slang definition for engaging in sexual intercourse.
"What the actual france man?"
"France you!"
"You francing pig"
"You wanna france tonight?"
by Prellliom September 20, 2013
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A frances is a person who can be seen as argumentative and bitchy
She seems to enjoy arguments, she's definitely a frances
by Moaningcamel June 07, 2014
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A country that doesn't know how to win a war.
Person 1: Hey man. I haven't been keeping up with the war. Who is winning?
Person 2: Definitely not France, that's for sure.
by FridayLover May 29, 2014
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A woman who gives great hugs.
Give me a France hug :)
by ohshnaphazel March 19, 2013
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A nation composed entirely of homosexuals and effeminate hermaphrodites, most of which make a living as prostitutes. As a result of this and their decadent habits, namely, protesting the fact that they have to earn their baguette dildos and shitty wine with hard labor by day, and smoking cigarettes in cafes and bitching about their easy lives all night, every war they have ever entered ended up, sooner or later, in them opening their assholes wide and letting the enemy rape them for hours on end. The only gear French soldiers carry into battle are white flags and lube, as surrendering and getting assraped is all they are good at.
"What are all these faggots doing here spreading their assholes and putting white flags in them?" "Oh, they came from France last week."
by DestroyerOfSense February 26, 2014
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1 - The antonym of England, and, in certain cases, of U.S.

2 - The richiest land of the Roman Empire (Galia)

3 - The winner of several wars and battles

4 - The land of the Liberty, the Equality, and the Fraternity

5 - Homeland of the French people

6 - Great producer of wine and cheese

7 - Country with the better culinary of the world

8 - Ally of the americans in their Independence War
A English: What do you think about waterloo?

A French: What do you think about Joana d'Arc?

A English: What do you think about... ehr...

A French: What do you think about the American independence War?

A English: ...

A French: How's about Austerlitz? And the Somme?

A English: ...


A English: I shall go to France. Then I'll wrote my name on the Eiffel Tower and say that we are better educated in England.
by Someone besides me January 25, 2011
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