Land from whence the gays hail.
"The gays are amazingly clean and always have been since the day they came from France"
by Logan McGrath October 01, 2007
In Spanish old- fashioned slang and prostitutes´ ads in newspapers, blowjob
Aquella tipa me hizo un francés por veinte pavos
That slut made me a blow job for twenty bucks
by fonsucu June 12, 2008
Socialist country led by Nicolas Sarkozy. France along with most of Europe has helped in the US led coalition on the fight against terror, known as the Global War on Terror. Prior to the invasion France had been subject to a number of terrorist attacks in the 80s and 90s.

France has the fifth largest GDP in the world, behind Germany(4), China(3), Japan(2), and the United States of America(1).

France was an ally to America during the American Revolutionary war(and is still an ally today). The Revolution was well received in France, whom believe the Revolution was the embodiment of the Enlightenment Spirit and a stand against English tyranny. France later sent over 6,000 troops in support of the Patriots.

Many Americans and other nationalities condemn the French as cowards,stating their surrender during WWII. However most Americans know France is an ally, an appreciate the help received during the Revolutionary War,Iraq, and the Statue of Liberty as a gift.

Along with the Statue of Liberty given to the Americans, France also has a smaller clone. Both the Statues face each other across the Atlantic, forever showing gratitude for the help received during the Revolutionary War, and serves as a reminder of the Alliance between them.
France is widely known for its wine and great food, specifically spaghetti and meatballs.
by LolRickAstley April 29, 2010
Frances is a kind person, yet a tough cookie! Frances is smart,beautiful, friendly and can make anyone like her. She easily makes friends, and she knows how to fight. She is a total fiyahhhh. Knows how to roast people till they break down crying. An amazing friend who doesn't take bullshit from anyone else. It musically skilled. She is like a diamond one in a million. She knows how to make you smile, and can make these hilarious ass jokes
Frances: Bitch, your hairline on delete, edges completely incomplete 😑

Crowd: ooooooo *says in harmony*
by Missy.Lizaa💞 March 27, 2015
Cute blonde with a passion for fashion and typography. Don't get on her bad side, she'll beat you up and cut you into pieces. Always makes everyone laugh. HAHAHA
"Hey, look at that girl over there, she is so cute!"
"That's Frances, she killed four people last week!"
by Deinemuddarockt February 09, 2015
Often a very horny girl, she is very ecstatic and can be quite cold if you make her mad. Although she is quite nice at heart and can be honest about her emotions, she is very friendly, but also a crazy bitch and is usually up for any task the guys give her! She is very beautiful and lures guys to her with her amazing body.
Guy 1: How was she?
Guy 2: She was a total frances!
by fanny76342723465 January 11, 2015

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