Country of the 'ands-zin-zuh-haire people. (See statue of liberty)

The zenith of exquis fanaticism and arrogance (believers of French fine art crap should watch an hour of French national T.V.).

Since non-white people (immigrants) find no jobs, they become part-time athletes. From this pool, France finds very competitive representatives and does well in World Cups/Olympics. This representation of France provides an illusion of "fraternité". This brings and creates more deceived immigrants (->) leading to riots.

France is actively involved in spreading the "Francophonie" to developing countries. Few smell the churning evil.

Good things about France: education is free; people are always open to debate before consented rape; many Americans love the beauty (draped hypocrisy) of France which is always a good thing; even a short guy like Napoleon can pick up hundreds of chicks there; Celine Dion's wailing sounds better in French (yes, it was English); if there's a nice chick in a French film (and there usually is), she'll be nude by the end and you'll see a black guy saying her p**@ tastes like milk or some weirder stuff which in general is so artsy that you'd finding yourself bending over a la Francaise if you could fathom its depth.
France has enough bitches to buffer even the greatest of invaders.

"Mains, jupes et jambes en l'air" is in the heart of each and every French.
by Yangus February 08, 2006
home of all things gay,land of the faggots
queers from all over the world go to france to ass fuck.
by March 27, 2008
A) The final resting place of tens of thousands of young American and British soldiers, all of who died liberating the country from the Nazis during WWII.

B) A country of ungrateful bastards.
My 19-year-old great uncle Short died on July 4, 1944 in Eastern France, when shrapnel from a mortar decapitated him.
by themoosman September 18, 2006
A stupid country, which i have been too unfortunatly.

All of the people in france just walk around paris all day wearing horizontal stripey blue/red shirts, stupid puffy red scarfs, tight black trousers and black berets.

all the men have very pointy mustaches and retarded accents. and sometimes small pointy goaty beards.

There are very few job catagorys in france, these are:

Artist, Chef & Mime

In there free time they sit in cafe's eating onions going awhaw awhaw awhaw, or they walk round looking down on non-frenchies in a derogorative way while they carry around french sticks.

as for food you will be lucky to find anything edible, even though 1/3 of frances population are chefs the only two types of food you will find on the menu of any restaurant is Frogs Legs & snails, so i suggest you bring your own food.

The main site is the Eiffel Tower, named by the french but built by a brave band of engish men, its use is as a method of suicide by jumping off the top for any one who is trapped in paris. and is not an onion eating awhaw awhaw awhaw frenchy frog.

The french are Famous for there Cheese and wine, obviously they dont make this themselves as they found an ancient cave full of cheese and wine which was left by the romans, so there supply of old mouldy cheese and vintage wine should only last out for another couple of years.

The french are also famous for losing wars, The french have never won a war in recorded history, as they always end up being conquered, and its always up to Great Britain, Land of Courage, Greatest country in western europe to come and bail france out of whatever trouble they have got themselves into by eating onions and going awhaw awhaw awhaw. see ww1, World war one, World war 1, Frogs, Bloody, French, Scum], ww2 & The Napolionic Wars

While staying in Paris make sure you avoid the subways as there always seems to be anthrax in them, some wierd french thing to put anthrax in public areas e.g. playgrounds and the like.

As you can see france is not a good country, and realy you should avoid it at all costs, if you want to get somewhere in europe by ferry go from dover to Ostend and not dover to calais as you can avoid france altogether, if you stand on the white cliffs you can smell the onions from the wind blowing accross the channel yuk!
Me: Excuse me do you know the way to the eiffel tower?

Frenchie Frog: You English, go eat your mad cows, and roast beef, awhaw awhaw awhaw *eats onion*

Me: They only went mad because they ate your grain you disgusting frenchman, go win a war you stinky twat

/me pulls out copy of david copperfield and beats frenchie frog legs to death. then straps a nuclear bomb to myself and jumps off the eiffel tower *BANG* takes out france, i become the new saint in the Church of England.

Thats france for you.
by John Smith, the english everyman December 27, 2005
a country that eats themselves (peoples nicknames are frogs). and there cowards with dumb accents and has the highest rate of prostitutes in the world in front of Japan and the US. but they still make good wine and cheese but that doesnt count for anything people!!!!!!!
napoleon and the corsicans is coming all frogs runs away...
Germany is coming run away...
the us are coming run away...
French girl: hey pale vu france'?
american guy and girl: hey how bout a three some well pay u?
French girl:k...
by german teen February 23, 2008
A country in Europe that seems kinda annoying. Helped us in the American Revolution, But then raided our ships in the 1810's. They gave us the Statue of Liberty in the 1880's (not sure what year). Got involved in WWI, but then a stalmate insured and it took US involvement to end it. Then in WWII, ignored the fact nearly all German attacks had come at them through Belgium, but put all there trust in a deffensive line guarding the German-French border. Beacuse of this little eroor, spent the next 4 years under German occupation until liberated by USA, Canada, UK, and free french forces. Then, in the 1960's became a socilaist paradise. Most old french people(70's and up) respect America, but many younger citizens to not.
Example of French Joke
Jim- I went to France this summer!
Steve- Buy anything?
Jim- Yes, a rifle labled "Never shot, dropped once"
by GeneralSJC December 26, 2006
didnt win any war they ever fought in on their own.
Gallic wars, Hundred years war, Italian wars, wars of religion, thirty years war etc. basically France lost/tied/asked for help in every war fought in.
by KingFroggy June 22, 2007

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