Part of Western Germany circa 1940's
Want to go to France? I hear it only takes a month or two if we go through the Ardenne Forest in Panzers - Scheifflen
by NotJody December 21, 2008
Glass Joe's origin. Thought to be the weakest country in warfare, but this is wrong. Petoria is actually the weakest country.
While Chuck Norris was on holiday in Spain, he ate some bad paella causing him to take the largest shit known to man. That shit is now France.
by ThePunchOutMan June 19, 2009
A country that only supported the Americas as a purely political gesture (seeing how they were a monarchy). Had many great military/political leaders until after Napoleon plus various great thinkers (Rousseu, Proudhon) until the 20th century. Got their asses handed to them in war lately in the last 200 years. Has a penchent for riots and unemployment lately also. Great food, great drink, and great history though but irratating accents. However, they do have this irratating habit of screwing over their ideological allies (H.R.E. and more recently U.S./Britain)
France the great super power of the world during the Enlightenment due to tacticile policies but no longer a serious contender for the title of world leader because of that WWII situation (forgetting to fly all but the middle color of their flag against Hitler).
by P. Kaltenbach December 03, 2007
Country of the 'ands-zin-zuh-haire people. (See statue of liberty)

The zenith of exquis fanaticism and arrogance (believers of French fine art crap should watch an hour of French national T.V.).

Since non-white people (immigrants) find no jobs, they become part-time athletes. From this pool, France finds very competitive representatives and does well in World Cups/Olympics. This representation of France provides an illusion of "fraternité". This brings and creates more deceived immigrants (->) leading to riots.

France is actively involved in spreading the "Francophonie" to developing countries. Few smell the churning evil.

Good things about France: education is free; people are always open to debate before consented rape; many Americans love the beauty (draped hypocrisy) of France which is always a good thing; even a short guy like Napoleon can pick up hundreds of chicks there; Celine Dion's wailing sounds better in French (yes, it was English); if there's a nice chick in a French film (and there usually is), she'll be nude by the end and you'll see a black guy saying her p**@ tastes like milk or some weirder stuff which in general is so artsy that you'd finding yourself bending over a la Francaise if you could fathom its depth.
France has enough bitches to buffer even the greatest of invaders.

"Mains, jupes et jambes en l'air" is in the heart of each and every French.
by Yangus February 08, 2006
A country with over 2,000 years of history and culture and almost every entry is about George W. Bush.

Another reason why people who use Urban Dictionary shouldn't be allowed to breed or vote.
Buh buh France fuh buh buh Gearge Boosh blarg slarf dur.
by agagfdagwaerg August 13, 2007
a country where white american girls are kidnapped by evil eastern europeans then turned into drugged prosetutes, until there dad comes and kill everyone associated with them.
my daughter went to france, and now she is missing.
by elementkid1007 March 05, 2009
France, among history, has been a great country and in some ocasions, the very great country of its time... By the time of the 17th century, France was the leading country of Europe under the reign of Louis the 14th, and then, under the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte, who declared himself emperor of France, and settled France's domination over Europe ( a part from England, which was under total embargo from the continent). A big part of the political tensions between United States and France was the importance of Charles de Gaulle, general who then became president from 1958 to 1969. De Gaulle managed to make the french interests prevail on the international theater, quitting the OTAN military command or supporting arab countries at the beggining of the Near-East problems. France, today, suffers the crisis of being a "Close to the top country and not "The one". However, I'm french and i'm not frustated about my country not being the leader of the world. But a little thing remains pushing me to think that i'm french, a little better than the others. (but that's a pretty international feeling...)
As an sad example, Jean Marie le Pen, leader of the french nationalist party, uses symbols (such as speeches made on historical locations of the 1789's Revolution) to give his audience the rememberance of France's greatness and superiority (where, in his very own point of view, minorities were dealt with authority)
by francoishyde November 02, 2006

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