A good place to go if you're an internationally wanted fugitive, because they don't extradite.
Person 1: I think I need to leave the country.
Person 2: Why?
Person 1: Well I'm wanted by INTERPOL for secretly defrauding most of the countries in the G27.
Person 1: Did you defraud France?
Person 2: I don't think so.

Person 1: Bon Voyage. Send me le vin.
by p@$$ing thr.ugh January 13, 2010
OK, France and America fell out over Iraq, but if they're good friends, can't they patch it up? Far out, these two countries used to be so close, so I think it is at least possible instead of all this constant France-bashing and vice versa. People who do that shit, I have one thing to say. Grow up.
American: I think we should patch up our quarrel with France.
2nd American: Good idea, there weren't any WMD's anyway, that fucktard Bush made it up the fag!
by flightguy September 17, 2005
I've lived in France since 2001. It is true that 10% of the population of France is Islamic, and there are women in headscarves and strange drab overcoats in the hottest weather. But like 90% of Muslims worldwide would prefer, these are people who are here for "liberté, égalité, fraternité". France also has the largest Jewish population of a European country.

France enthusiastically supports UN efforts to keep the peace, notably in Africa, where the Congolese wars have cost 4 million lives since 1998. France has always been the great country of diplomacy and supports just, negotiated and multilateral solutions rather than "shoot first" solutions which regretably seem to have become accepted in my home country, England.

Cheeses are just as smelly in Germany and Switzerland, by the way. French cider is also great, but I'm sorry to say not the beer. And, American obesity would not be what it is without French Fries!

If anyone comes to live here, you will encounter the great character of modern France, the "labyrinthe administrative".
Vive la France! Liberté, égalité, fraternité!
by Lodowick July 28, 2005
Acronym for
Friendship Remains And Never Can End
enemy? whose enemy??
by Van Bria March 02, 2005
probably one of the most awsom people u will ever meet. she's sweet, kind, a good listener, a brilliant friend and she asks for nothin in return apart from to be understood :) she would die if she went a day without art, its her passion. she thinks nothing of herself even tho she's super pretty smart and interesting. she seems shy if u dont kno herr but once u get thru to her u wont regret it =D shes really fradgile and can get hurt easy, she deserves to be treatd like the princess she is. shes sucha sexy dinosaur you just cannt keep ur eyes off her ^_^ luv yu fanny wanny x
Frances is just so pretty i wish she realised how beautifl she is inside and out :')
by xMrsRyanRossx October 17, 2011
amazingly beautiful. caring and kind. huge obsession with Panic! at the Disco. funny. interesting. smart. never boring. very talented. she is so stunning and she has been hurt a lot. i wish she was mine but we'r not even in the same country. anybody would be lucky to have her and i hope she finds someone who realizes how fucking awesom she really is and wont hurt her <3 shes such a pretty dinosaur and i wish she wouldnt think so little of herself :(
Frances is amazing i just wish she knew how amazing she is :/
by MrGhibli October 23, 2011
A western European country.
Prostitution is legal there, which makes them OK in my book
by Da Whitey November 11, 2003
A country that is hated by the US and apparently, Britain. Fought in WW2 and was subsequently defeated by the Nazis. Liberated by Allied forces in 1944, and are known to be less hygenic than Americans. Good cheese and wine, but they smoke too much. Oh and 9/11? Biggest tragedy ever? Like hell. Look at the Holocaust (6 million), American incursions against Native Americans (12 million) but I'm not going to include American attacks on Japan during WW2 because that was wartime and in my opinion, perfectly justified.
Sorry if this became a rant against some redneck idiot.
by Militant Liberal April 28, 2005
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