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François Hollande, the new French President.

In the presidential election in 2012, he beat former president Nicolas Sarkozy.

Why ? Because French people were tired of Nicolas Sarkozy, because of his noneffective policy against the crisis, anti-muslim policy, anti-immigration, and his friendship with the wealthiest families and stories of corruption, he lowered their taxes whereas most people were harmed by the crisis. That is why French people voted for social democrat Hollande, which looked like a nice buddy, the contrary of Nicolas Sarkozy...

But it turns out that nothing changed, all country problems are not resolved, so French people are disappointed. They blame François Hollande for doing nothing, being lazy and not finding solutions to the crisis. They think he is totally useless, has no authority, does not stand up and speak up...

Since French people only want solutions to come from the government or the state, and are not able to take care of themselves, they will be blaming the French President and the government until 2017, when they will vote for their new savior, someone who will solve all their problems and help France become the first economic power, at least that's what the candidate will make them believe...
And the story will repeat itself...
Journalists : "François Hollande says unemployment is rising, but that it will decrease by the end of the year"
French people : "Fuck François Hollande, he is doing nothing"
by Jacques Cheminade November 10, 2013
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