The most creative, down to earth star in the world. She fought uterine cancer, and won. What an inspiring woman! I love you, FRAN!
Fran Drescher starred in The Nanny, Cadillac Man, Car 54 Where are You, Spinal Tap, Beautiful Girl, Beautician and the Beast, and many other awesome shows.
by Bran May 22, 2004
Top Definition
A really hot actress with the most annoying voice in the world. I mean so bad it would make you go limp during sex even with a viagara-on.

Glad to hear about the beating the cancer thing though...
Oh yeah! Baby your so hot! OMG! (Thinking:Im having sex with Fran drescher!) (Me)
(moan) (Her)
How you want it? Like that? Tell me? (Me)
Weeeellllllll... (Her)
Umm.... I have to go.. No everything is fine.. Really.. Bye (Me)
by Robert A September 18, 2005
The most amazing actress in the world, stars in the Nanny, great role model ( has whiny voice) But so amazin cool
I spoke to fran drescher, and I neraly fainted
by Libby K, Frans biggest fan February 03, 2004
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