This school is all about racism. If you havn't already, see Framingham (#11 is the perfect definition). This will give you a background on the kind of people that goto this school. The whole palce is very racially diverse, even the fucking FHS webstie says it. Anyways, racism is what defines this school. Niggas rule the school basically, but don't mistake that with the vast amount of wigger white boys. See, tons of them came from like walsh and camron and they think they are black, but when shit goes down, where are they? No where bitches, they run...they aint gangstas but they think if they dress in ecko and tall tees even though they're like 5ft tall that that makes them hard. Fuck no! They talk maaaad trash but every now and then they go too far and we gotta knock some of em out. Then there are fucking tons of brazillian / protugese / mexican kids. For the purpose of space and that I am a lazy ass that doesn't want to type that a lot, we will group them all into a category called brazixacans. Don't get me wrong, there are some dope brazixacan girls and some cool brazixacan guys, but most of them look like they are 30 years old + and they will cut they shit out of you in line for lunch. You get in there mad early and you're like "fuck yes I'm gunna get lunch mad fast" Think again bitch. All of mexico will cut in front of you. On a side note, Ms. Redboard and the rest of the administrators will fucking guard the shit out of the cheap ass lunch lines and if they see you even approach it they like run over to you and anally rape the shit out of you because they think you are trying to get your friend to buy lunch for you or cut in line, which you probably are. So you have to be fucking stealth and like give your friend daps and give em $2 and be like "cheesburger meal" and they'll be like "I got you" and hopefully you will have more than 30 seconds to eat your lunch. Anyways, back to brexicans...most of them also try to dress "gangsta" and most have fucked up faces and / or smell like straight ass crack. Now, on to the chinese. When I say chinese i'm talkin about everyone that has almond eyes. We all know 90% are from china, and the other 10% which are from from japan / korea / taiwan / indofuckinnesia will all have their countries taken over my china because we all know 2 things about china: 1. they are fucking huge 2. they got ninjas. When you put 2 and 2 together you get world fucking domination. Anyways, most of them are just like crazy math kids but then there are the chinese "mafia" which in no way deserve the name of "mafia" because mafia are some bad ass motherfuckers but kids these days just watch idiotic fuckin movies and they think anyone that tries to act badass is mafia, go eat a fat dick. Anyways, they try to act "gangsta" also. This includes but are not limited to wearing ecko, talkin gangsta, listenting to rap, wearing tall tees BUT THEY ARE ALL UNDER 4ft!!! Anyways, they try to act big but everyone knows that they would get stomped the fuck out if we ever had a racial war (which me and my friend are trying to start, this shit will be televised dont worry) Anyways...the last big group: Goths. Now, when I say goths I'm talkin how the media defines goth (black fingernails, wear all black, listen to hard core metal, paint random body parts). Real goths would be ashamed to know that their name is being used with such crap, cuz real goths would do like black magic and turn your penis into like a wet carrot like that you have on snowmen and then you find it next summer and you're like WTF IS THIS and then you're like oooh its mr. snowies nose, thats fuckin gross. Anways, they kinda mind their own business. Me and my friend think that all the niggas should pwn the shit out of them just cuz thats how it was meant to be you know? Ok, don't worry I'm almost done, then we got the teachers right...stupidest pieces of shit in the world. Where do they find them? No, like really I'm asking you. Please, if you know, tell me cuz I can't even imagine. There are some cool teachers tho, but they are rare. The whole school is a joke really, you'd think there was a lot of fights, but sadly, there isn't. Last think I want to say, we got mad weed!!! 95% of the kids smoke weed, 80% deal. We got that shit down man, so if you ever need some stuff, just roll into framingham high school, fuck that, framingham in general...everyone smokes weed down here. Anyways, I'm workin on a map of the lunch room that I will add later but until then...i dont know go jack off or something, the internet is a wonderful thing. I mean, I just typed this shit cuz i was bored and really didn't want to do my homework, the amount of time I took writing this is more than I ever do for homework the whole year. Please, students of FHS feel free to add to this. Oh, and I typed this mad fast and didn't look over it at all so fuck you grammar nazis! Peace...
I just wrote like that whole fucking think you really think I'm gunna write a fuckin example? WTF is an example of a school anyways!?!?!! Fucking assholes.
by Grid May 01, 2005

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