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noun : Informal - Fra-ma (frə-mă)

Drama between friends

An informal term coined in 2014 to describe drama between friends. Frama is a phenomenon which can occur both within the heterosexual and homosexual community. It thrives amongst teenage girls and adult homosexual men.

Derived from early 16th century via late Latin from Greek drama, from dran 'do, act', which has undergone semantic shift.

Frama is a noun which describes exagerated overly emotional, or unexpected altercation, events or circumstances between two esteemed friends.
'Olga, what are Miguel and Angel talking about, everything ok?'
'Yeh, don't worry....frama'

'Oh my God, I love Ashley but I just do NOT have time for this kind of Frama dude!'

'Michel and I aren't talking this week'

'No way Jose! How comes?'

'Well, there's just too much Frama at the minute...'
by Linguistically Speaking April 28, 2014
A word describing drama between the female sex.
Have you been into the office lately? There is a lot of frama between Betty and Sue.
by HandOfTheDamned May 03, 2011
Fucking DRAMA.

When the drama is just above and beyond any other drama you can imagine.

other ways to be used: framatic. fucking dramatic.
There was so much frama at work today.

That chick causes so much frama.

My roommate is so framatic.

That new girl they hired? she is sure to stir up some frama.

The "earthquake" in NYC caused so much frama.

I want to see pictures of potential guests. I want to keep the party frama free.
by KarChel August 25, 2011
manufactured, created, pseudo, and/or fake drama.

Currently the brand of "drama" on most reality tv shows, facebook, twitter, CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, and just about anything Oprah is involved in.
Chick 1 "Hey Girl, you catch Real House Wives last night"
Chick 2 "Not me.. too much frama!"
by halfabrotha July 05, 2011
Web-ese for 'fucking drama'; examples of frama may be found on a multitude of journalling/blogging sites where people get nasty and create unneccessary drama/conflict; often juvenile in nature
Mary started some frama with Joan over which one of them Jimmy was checking out.
by metalxmonkey August 29, 2005

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