Psychological douchebag move. When someone purports to know something about your personality or ~who you really are~, and uses this information to be a total dick.
Douchebag: You keep looking down, and you're punctuating your sentences with 'like's and 'um's. I can tell you're a nervous person, especially around people of the opposite gender.
Girl: God, I can't believe you're pulling a fraklin on me.
by Anne Fuckin' Frank July 05, 2010
Top Definition
Definition 1: A character on The Sims who you like to torture.

Definition 2: An insensitive and annoying douchebag who is a constant womanizer, to make up for the fact that he is in the closet about being gay. The kind of guy who you would kick in the balls the instant you met him.
"Let's play The Sims and lock Fraklin into a room until he dies."

"Cris is such a Fraklin."
by IAmGlenCoco February 05, 2010
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