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1. Sketchy kid who gets pissed on by older and or equally aged people. A possibility of getting pissed on by younger people is also a probability.

2. An individual who when getting in trouble with others blames it on them and takes no responsibility for said action.
Wow, Brad is such a frah, his older brother told him to get him some bagel bites and a capri sun and he did it!

I never knew he was such a frah! When we got caught trespassing he blamed it all on us!
by Jfoley1 June 23, 2009
12 7
1. Sketchy or shady kid who gets pushed around by other.

2. A kid who blames things on others even though it was a team effort in doing said action.
Wow, that kids such a frah. His brothers make him get them bagel bites and capri sun whenever they ask. He's like a manservant!

That kid is such a frah. He pool hopped with us and then when we got caught blamed it all on us!
by JFolay546 June 23, 2009
6 6