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The general term usaully stated before one lobs a nade into an enemy position.
J-Bomb get the door!! FRAG OUT!

I'm Hit!
by Iron James January 28, 2004
A shout to indicate that a fragmentation grenade has been thrown.
Jimmy yelled "FRAG OUT!" as he threw the HE Grenade at the CT team.
by PenguinMint October 18, 2005
An announcement made after you fart. Used as a warning or to claim the fart. In the military the same announcement is made when you throw a grenade.
Mary: Fart Frag out.
Jane: Eww. Thanks for the warning.
by T.Dub805 August 19, 2010
The act of shaking up a soda can and throwing it out of a moving car. Usually at the feet of pedestrians or near cars.
That car in front of us just through a frag out.
by Wellthatwasdumb August 10, 2011
Term created by long suffering girlfriends who have to sit and watch the bfs play COD all the time.

Frag out is to sit down and chill out, do nothing and watch cod being played presumably.
S: "oh man Al is playing cod again, i'm gonna frag out"

B: "yer J too... i'm gonna frag out too, lets text each other about nails and shoes and stuff"
by nige22 April 18, 2011
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