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1.) Transalted from Spanish to English as Epic Failure.

2.) The art of epically failing.

3.) Failing at life.

4.) Something a Mexican or Spainard might say if you fail at life.
1.) Spanish- Chelsea tuvo un fracaso epico cuando ella no fue al bano.

English- Chelsea had an epic failure when she didn't go to the bathroom.

2.) (In Spanish Class) Spanish- El estudiente: Me gusta jugarse.

English- Boy Student: I like to play with myself.
by Dr. Douchebag Jr. November 07, 2010
spanish for epic fail. used to add emphasis but usually requires an explanation.
noob: dude my girlfriend dumped me because i graded her as a 6.

me: wow, fracaso epico...
by Cheesecake101 March 21, 2009
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